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The AFG fire ball is easily mounted to a wall or placed near potential fire hazards, e.g. stoves,fire places, electrical distribution boxes, sockets with multiple plugs/overloaded e.g. TV, video machine, Dis tv, sound system, garages, gas storage facilities, workshops, petrol stations,schools, restaurants, universities, all office buildings, hospitals, storage of flammable liquids, land fill sites, cars, taxis etc.

Products information

A revolutionary, very cost effective automatic fire extinguisher. Puts out fires automatically within seconds. Environmentally human, pet and property friendly. As it has a five year shelf life span, it requires no maintenance, checking or servicing. Puts out all categories of fires. Serves as a fire alarm through a load “bang” which is emitted when the pyrotechnic detonator is activated by fuse chords located inside the ball. Light weight and can be used by elderly, disabled persons and children. No need to get close to a fire to extinguish it - Simply roll the fire ball into a fire.